How do I fill out my profile?

A few tips on how to fill out your profile information and receive more orders.

Would you like to receive more orders? Help clients find you more easily and clearly show why the services you offer are exactly what they're looking for. Here are a few tips: ā€¢ Describe the services you offer in detail. Don't forget to include any relevant experience and a sentence or two about your personal qualities. A detailed description will help to build trust and create a connection with potential clients from the very start.

ā€¢ Upload a picture that clearly shows your face. It's probably no surprise that a profile photo makes it much more likely for a client to notice you. Don't forget that your photo must be consistent with the id provided.

You can upload your picture when filling out your pro registration form for the first time. You'll find this form in your Account by clicking on PRO registration.

If you've already filled out the form, you may edit your profile description and your photo at any time by going to your Account and clicking on Edit.

If your profile as a service provider has already been verified by our team, it may take some time until new information becomes visible to clients when you update your profile. This is because we want to ensure the safety of all our users. In order to avoid any abusive behaviour, this information is verified by our Discontract team.

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