How to set or modify arrival time?

Agree on a time you will arrive to perform a task. Here's a guide on how to set it on the Discontract platform.

The arrival time is always initially proposed by the client, but if you can't make it at the date or hour indicated, it doesn't necessarily mean that the order is lost!

If you wish to modify the proposed arrival time, you can contact the client and suggest doing so. Do this by using one of our communication tools:

• Make a call – there's a phone icon next to the task. Click on it to call the client directly.

• Send a message – next to the phone icon you'll also find a message bubble. Send a short text to let the client know you'd like to change the time – they're guaranteed to receive it.

We have no doubts that one of these quick ways will help you agree on and set a new arrival time. Once you've decided what it should be, click on Choose arrival time on the Discontract platform, select Other time and indicate the new time and date that you've agreed on. An active Confirm arrival button will appear, which will bring you back to the task once clicked.

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