How can I cancel a task?

If circumstances no longer allow you to accept or perform a task, you can cancel it. Here's how.

We're certain that you're eager to complete every new order you get. However, we also know that unavoidable situations happen to everyone. If, for this reason, you can't accept a new order (before confirmation), you may reject it by:

• Passive cancellation: If you don't accept a new task order from a client within 30 minutes, the task will be rejected automatically.

• Active cancellation: You may cancel a task by clicking on the cancellation button, which is marked by an X symbol. Just keep in mind that we will ask you to indicate the reason for cancellation, which will be visible to the client.

Maybe it's the requested time of the task that doesn't suit you? It would be a shame to lose an order just for that, and that's why, once you choose to cancel, we'll also give you an option of consulting the client and rescheduling.

If you have already confirmed the task, the only way to cancel it is by calling Discontract customer support. To call or message us, see the Help section in your Account.

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