How can I add information about additional expenses?

Discontract allows you to easily include any necessary extra expenses to the final cost of the service.

Depending on the work you do, you may need to buy certain materials or make other additional purchases to complete a task. Don't worry, Discontract has already thought about it, and made it possible for you to include any additional expenses to the final cost of the order.

Before you mark your task as fully completed, you'll be able to edit information about it on the Discontract platform, such as the exact duration of your work and any extra costs incurred. The platform will then automatically calculate the final price of the service, including the amount indicated.

Remember to keep all relevant receipts confirming your purchases. Moreover, to avoid any misunderstandings, we highly advise checking and agreeing with the client first before making any purchases or adding information about them to your task summary.

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