What services can I provide?

Check which services you can choose from as a pro on the Discontract platform.

All services that are currently available on our platform can be found both on the Discontract app and our webpage. You can see them:

➢ On the app – by clicking the search button on the home screen;

➢ On the webpage – by visiting the Services page.

We're always looking to offer a wider range of services, so if you can't find the service you'd like to provide, you may suggest it to us by filling out the registration form! You can do that on the Discontract webpage by following this link, or, alternatively, by clicking on Suggest a service on the mobile app, which can be found at the bottom of the service list that appears when using the search bar.

One last thing – remember, the services you plan to provide through Discontract must match the activity type stated on your self-employment or business certificate.

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