How to register as self-employed?

Obtaining a self-employment (individual activity) certificate

  1. Registration

➤ To provide services on "Discontract", you must first register as a tax payer under a self-employment certificate through the "My STI" system ➤ The registration of Individual Activity can either be done online, by logging in to your personal taxpayer's area –, or by visiting your county's state tax inspectorate office.

2. "My STI" registration page ➤ In your web browser, open ➤ Click on "My STI"

3. Login

➤ You can login with your e-signature, through your Internet Bank or one of the other possible ways

4. Online registration instructions ➤ To fill out the registration form, select Individual Activity – "Individuali veikla" from the menu items ➤ In the expanded menu, click on Certificates – "Pažymos" ➤ Click on Certificates of Individual Activity – "Individualios veiklos pažymos"

5. Online registration instructions ➤ Select the following request type: "Individualios veiklos registravimas / nutraukimas ir kontaktinių duomenų tvarkymas" (Registration/Termination of Individual Activity and Update of Contact Details) ➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

6. Online registration instructions ➤ Insert your place of residence in Lithuania ("Gyvenamoji vieta Lietuvoje") ➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

7. Online registration instructions ➤ Insert your e-mail address ("Elektroninio pašto adresas) and your mobile telephone number ("Mobilusis telefonas") ➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

8. Online registration instructions ➤ Select the type of principal activity ("Pagrindinė veiklos rūšis") ➤ You may also include other types of acitivities ("Kitos veiklos rūšys") if you wish to offer diverse services ➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

9. Online registration instructions ➤ In the Taxpayer's type (Mokėsčių mokėtojo tipas), click on Add a Line – "Pridėti eilutę"

10. Online registration instructions ➤ In "Taxpayer's Type", select Residents, engaged in individual activities – "Gyventojai, vykdantys individualią veiklą" ➤ Click on Save – "Saugoti" ➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

11. Online registration instructions ➤ Click on Add – "Pridėti"

12. Online registration instructions ➤ Mark that the address of the activity "Is the Same as Indicated Place of Residency in Lithuania" – "Sutampa su nurodyta gyvenamąją vieta Lietuvoje" ➤ Indicate the location of the activity as Lithuania – "Lietuvoje" ➤ Click on Save – "Saugoti"

13. Online registration instructions ➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

14. Online registration instructions ➤ If you do not have a representative, and will be in charge of your own accounting, you do not need to fill in the details in this step. Click on Continue – "Toliau" ➤ If you have a representative ("Fizinio asmens atstovas") or someone else doing the accounting ("Apskaitą tvarkantis asmuo"), please fill in the required fields. Then, click on Continue – "Toliau"

15. Online registration instructions ➤ If there are no documents to add, click on Continue – "Toliau"

16. Confirmation ➤ Revise your request and check that all the data provided is correct. Then, click "Verify" – "Patvirtinti"

17. Confirmation ➤ Choose a way to verify your request: "Naudoti el. parašą" – With e-signature "Nenaudoti el. parašo" – Without e-signature

Then, click on Continue – "Toliau"

18. Confirmation ➤ At the top of the screen, you will receive a message that the document has been submitted (Dokumentas pateiktas). You will also receive this confirmation to the e-mail address provided ➤ If all provided information is correct, you will receive an e-mail in 1-2 business days, confirming that the Self-Employment Certificate has been issued

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