How much does it cost to book a service?

Don't worry about going over the budget. Here's how you can know the estimate of your order cost.

With Discontract, you'll be able to see the estimated cost of your task right from the start. We've also made sure comparing and choosing from different rates in your area is easy, so you have no trouble finding a pro that offers exactly what you're looking for.

To see your task estimate, you'll only need to fill in all the requested task information and select a pro. Estimates are calculated according to service providers' hourly rates and indicated task duration.

The final cost of your order may vary slightly, as it will reflect the actual time that was spent on the task. Additionally, beside the labor cost, the pro may also include additional receipted expenses incurred for materials or other purchases, if any were needed for the job. To avoid any unexpected charges, we advise to always ask the pro whether any additional expenses will be needed and confirm the estimated length of the task.

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