1. Registration

➤ To provide services on "Discontract", you must first register as a tax payer under a self-employment certificate through the "My STI" system
➤ The registration of Individual Activity can either be done online, by logging in to your personal taxpayer's area – https://www.vmi.lt/index.jsp?lang=en, or by visiting your county's state tax inspectorate office.

2. "My STI" registration page

➤ In your web browser, open https://www.vmi.lt/index.jsp?lang=en
➤ Click on "My STI"

3. Login

➤ You can login with your e-signature, through your Internet Bank or one of the other possible ways

4. Online registration instructions

➤ To fill out the registration form, select Individual Activity – "Individuali veikla" from the menu items
➤ In the expanded menu, click on Certificates – "Pažymos"
➤ Click on Certificates of Individual Activity – "Individualios veiklos pažymos"

5. Online registration instructions

➤ Select the following request type: "Individualios veiklos registravimas / nutraukimas ir kontaktinių duomenų tvarkymas" (Registration/Termination of Individual Activity and Update of Contact Details)
➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

6. Online registration instructions

➤ Insert your place of residence in Lithuania ("Gyvenamoji vieta Lietuvoje")
➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

7. Online registration instructions

➤ Insert your e-mail address ("Elektroninio pašto adresas) and your mobile telephone number ("Mobilusis telefonas")
➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

8. Online registration instructions

➤ Select the type of principal activity ("Pagrindinė veiklos rūšis")
➤ You may also include other types of acitivities ("Kitos veiklos rūšys") if you wish to offer diverse services
➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

9. Online registration instructions

➤ In the Taxpayer's type (Mokėsčių mokėtojo tipas), click on Add a Line – "Pridėti eilutę"

10. Online registration instructions

➤ In "Taxpayer's Type", select Residents, engaged in individual activities – "Gyventojai, vykdantys individualią veiklą"
➤ Click on Save – "Saugoti"
➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

11. Online registration instructions

➤ Click on Add – "Pridėti"

12. Online registration instructions

➤ Mark that the address of the activity "Is the Same as Indicated Place of Residency in Lithuania" – "Sutampa su nurodyta gyvenamąją vieta Lietuvoje"
➤ Indicate the location of the activity as Lithuania – "Lietuvoje"
➤ Click on Save – "Saugoti"

13. Online registration instructions

➤ Click on Continue – "Toliau"

14. Online registration instructions

➤ If you do not have a representative, and will be in charge of your own accounting, you do not need to fill in the details in this step. Click on Continue – "Toliau"
➤ If you have a representative ("Fizinio asmens atstovas") or someone else doing the accounting ("Apskaitą tvarkantis asmuo"), please fill in the required fields. Then, click on Continue – "Toliau"

15. Online registration instructions

➤ If there are no documents to add, click on Continue – "Toliau"

16. Confirmation

➤ Revise your request and check that all the data provided is correct. Then, click "Verify" – "Patvirtinti"

17. Confirmation

➤ Choose a way to verify your request:
"Naudoti el. parašą" – With e-signature
"Nenaudoti el. parašo" – Without e-signature

Then, click on Continue – "Toliau"

18. Confirmation

➤ At the top of the screen, you will receive a message that the document has been submitted (Dokumentas pateiktas). You will also receive this confirmation to the e-mail address provided
➤ If all provided information is correct, you will receive an e-mail in 1-2 business days, confirming that the Self-Employment Certificate has been issued

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